Wood and elegant metal look

Designs for legs

The illustrated wood and metal colours are only an approximate colour tone. The grains, natural properties and shading of the individual materials can't be correctly displayed. The colour samples are just an example. Colour variation due to the different types of the material and the individual setting of the monitors may differentiate.

All legs are made of massive beech wood and can be manufactured in the stained colours and lacquers as shown below. Alternatively all legs are available as untreated wood on special request.


Stained colours for legs and special parts in beech veneered

For the most part, our furniture legs are made of solid beech and can be stained in the colours shown below.


Wood colours: walnut and oak veneer

In the case of some of our articles, we offer additional items made of wood, e.g. the exposed wooden base by »toscaa«. All these items labelled in beech veneer are available in the indicated stains as well. We offer some of these items in oak or walnut veneer. For the precise finishes, please refer to our technical information for the respective model.


Solid wood: walnut and solid oak

Alternatively, upon request, all legs and table tops are available in a customised, untreated version. Some of the table tops are provided in solid wood. We also offer numerous furniture legs, such as e.g. wooden runners, in solid oak or walnut. We are pleased to offer these options in our model sheets. Please note the respective detailed descriptions.

* Wood colours are not available for all wooden parts


Metallic colours for legs

The metal look for the feet is usually firmly defined and only selectable for some foot shapes.

Selectable metal colours for certain foot designs