Natural product leather

For eons, the natural product leather has stood for sustainable value, luxury, durability and exclusivity in the furniture industry. The magic of this versatile material comes from the variety of its properties. It can be warm, soft and supple, but also firm, tough, resistant and durable at the same time. Its feel is an experience and the mere touch triggers positive emotions. An effect that is not found in any other application like in the furniture industry. In addition, leather ages with dignity and with slight signs of use it generally becomes increasingly noble and valuable.

The processing of animal skins goes back to ancient craft practices. Even today, the main purpose of leather tanning is to make hides or raw skins durable, resistant and at the same time permanently soft for later use. The first traces lead back to ancient Egypt, where scientists found an approximately 5,000-year-old tanning workshop with semi-finished leather, early tanning tools and the first natural tanning agents. The traditional profession of the tanner at that time was highly respected and products made of leather such as gold and ivory were traded at the markets. At the end of the 19th century, with the invention of industrial chrome tanning, it was finally possible to produce leather that was pleasantly soft and at the same time extremely stable and could be dyed well and uniformly. As a »natural product«, leather still sometimes contains large variations in quality from species to species, from breed to breed and even from animal to animal. The latter are due to the sex of the animals, their age and nutrition as well as the husbandry in general. A science in itself. And to ensure that only the best, highest-quality skins are used for our black label collections, our material specialists therefore travel regularly to the most prestigious markets in the remotest places on earth. Because when it comes to the perfect leather, tailor-made for your requirements, every single detail counts.

W.SCHILLIG – over 40 years of expertise in leather work

Already in the 70's leather developed into the preferred material for upholstery at W.SCHILLIG. Since then we have been working closely with leading tanneries. That is why we are now one of the largest leather processors in Europe, so that you can benefit from our many years of craftsmanship and experience with this precious material. The experience is a must. Because not only the different breeds of cattle, their habitats and growing conditions, but also the way in which leather is produced and treated, sometimes results in considerable differences in material and quality.

High quality furniture leather is the result of a long and intensive selection process. Only the best raw leather skins with minimal waste can be used to produce high-quality leather furniture. Like every natural product, leather is unique – with different surfaces, colours, grain and other life characteristics. Such natural characteristics and colour deviations make your furniture unique, as no leather looks like the other.

black label offers you a leather collection that is characterised by the best sustainable quality and precision craftsmanship. It is regularly and strictly checked by specialists.

Noble and stable in value

Highest competence in natural leathers is one of the strengths of the black label collection. Every single type of leather is something special – valuable, durable and original. Like all natural products, they are unique. Easy-care long-life qualities, leather with an unadulterated structure or waxed leather: black label offers you a wide variety for all those who love something special.

The colour samples shown here are for orientation only. We must reserve the right to make colour deviations due to the diversity of the material and the individual colour settings of the monitors. Special seam, flat-felled seam or double seams and also contrast threads may vary depending on the model. Due to manufacturing reasons, seams can be omitted or replaced by simple seams.



Elegant silk shine

Semi-aniline leather (1.1 – 1.3 mm)

angel is a natural, luxury class milled leather. Tanned in barrels, this semi-aniline leather is enhanced by slight pigmentation. Its softness to the touch and pleasant feel against skin are the special charm of this leather. The Longlife Xtra-protection also offers a 5-year warranty. angel is especially suitable for demanding requirements because of its ease of care and softness.

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A luxurious milled leather with a trendy »vintage« appearance

A milled leather (1.5 – 1.7 mm)

king is a luxurious heavy milled leather with a trendy »vintage« appearance. The slightly satin finish and its dominant, transparent soft milled grains give this leather its elegant and noble look. It is resistant, has a very attractive softness and a very comfortable grip.

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The easy-care longlife leather

Thick leather (1.9 – 2.1 mm)

majestic is a thick leather of the highest class, made from specially selectedraw hides. The leather thickness and its dominant grain pattern gives the leather its additional value, which you can also see and feel immediately thanks to the slight two-tone colour. majestic belongs to the class of easy-care longlife leather. Natural features (scars, folds from fattening, as well as differences in structure and colour) are completely used and they can be found in all pieces of furniture. Branding is also used in the back tension part. These features are not recognised as reasons for complaint.

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new saddle

Strong, smooth and with a character

A refined aniline leather (1.0 – 1.2 mm)

new saddle is an refined aniline leather. It has a smooth surface with a strong and waxy feel caused by a special drying procedure. The leather has a natural grain pattern and the desired patina as a characteristic feature. The desired mottling comes to the surface through the thin layer of colour that also emphasizes the traditional character of new saddle.

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true nature

A genuine natural product


Vat-dyed aniline leather from free-roaming Indian buffalos (1.2 – 1.4 mm)

true nature is a vat-dyed aniline leather from free-roaming Indian buffalos that is mineral tanned to make it durable. After tanning, the 1.2 – 1.4 mm thick leather hides are hand-sanded in spots to give them the velvety-soft touch, the fine nubuk-like character and the vintage look that means that variations in colour, shine and sanded finish are possible on each hide. Over time, the artificially achieved patina is reinforced by the natural signs of use. The leather is full-grained and breathable.

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Natural and wild

A natural aniline leather (0.9 – 1.1 mm)

wax is a full-grain, natural finish aniline leather with two-colour effect and patina development. The surface is treated with special oils, giving it a particularly »gentlemen‘s club« look. The finish rovides it with a unique feel to the touch and unmistakeable appearance. Two-coloured shading, natural features and the considered workmanship make this leather a very special unique item. Leather lovers swear by wax!

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