Quality that can be felt Craftsmanlike precision and best, sustainable quality

Genuine quality work

Genuine quality work is in every piece of black label furniture. We vouch for our high-quality materials, which are carefully and accurately processed by our employees. W.SCHILLIG furniture is predominantly still produced with perfect manual craftsmanship. You can feel these decades of experience in the quality of every single piece of furniture.


black label by W.SCHILLIG – Messen der Lederdicke
black label by W.SCHILLIG – Qualität, die man spürt

High quality brand materials

This quality starts in the frame of your furniture. All weight-bearing parts are produced from either hardwood or metal. So that you can sit and lie down even better, we build robust Nosag cushioning into the sofas and chairs. The seat here consists of a high-quality spring core which is sheathed in foam.

For the cushions we use a mixture of selected upholstery foams and top-class branded materials. Although we use the most modern production technology, the experienced craftsmanship of the employees is decisive for the comfort of W.SCHILLIG products and thus of inestimable value.

Each upholsterer is responsible for a complete item of black label furniture, the work stages of which undergo quality testing from beginning to end.

Healthy living with the golden »M«

All of our W.SCHILLIG models are produced in accordance with the DIN and RAL quality guidelines of the German Quality Assurance Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.) and are checked by authorised testing institutes. Each individual piece of furniture meets the strict German and European guidelines.

They guarantee that our quality products are low in hazardous substances and harmless to health. We also continually undergo quality testing as a member of the German Quality Assurance Association.

All black label products also bear the furniture seal of quality for »healthy living«.

black label by W.SCHILLIG – Qualität, die man spürt
black label by W.SCHILLIG – Qualitätskontrolle

Perfection is our yardstick

Quality is our first commandment. This begins with the frame of your furniture, the main parts of which are produced using solid hardwood or metal. It is also equipped with nosag springs to support the upholstery. The seat ideally consists of a high-quality core material, soft or hard, wrapped in foam. The cushion filling is a fine compound of quality foam and modern brand name materials. To do justice to the varying international requirements, we deliver to our trade partners in accordance with their specific needs. Despite highly-mechanized manufacturing methods, the craftsman’s experience is a factor crucial to the quality of W.SCHILLIG products. Every production phase is subjected to a quality check. Each upholsterer is responsible for his complete individual black label order. We can safely say that your sofa is in good hands with us!