Environment Our contribution to protecting the environment

Even better protected

The emissions label developed by the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. – DGM) ensures that consumers are better protected against health impairments due to emissions of pollutants in furniture. Displayed directly on the product, the emissions label bestowed on W.SCHILLIG in 2015 for its entire collection attests to classification in the highest A Class with the lowest levels of contamination. It meets the requirements of the limits under RAL GZ 430/4 and RAL UZ 117 (upholstered furniture).

black label by W.SCHILLIG – DGM Emissionslabel
black label by W.SCHILLIG – EMAS

W.SCHILLIG awarded the EMAS symbol

EMAS is the highest European distinction for systematic environmental management. We are one of the few manufacturers of upholstered furniture who are entitled to show off this symbol. Only those companies who consistently decide to use the most thorough solutions in the field of environmental management receive this distinction. State-commissioned experts check whether all the regulations are really being adhered to. Environmental authorities also participate in the system, to register companies that have already been checked. EMAS publishes the names of all participating companies who have chosen absolute transparency. Companies that take part in EMAS are regarded as the pioneers of active protection of the environment and as reliable partners for their customers.

In addition to the conditions of EMAS, W.SCHILLIG also meets all requirements of the globally valid standard EN ISO 14001. In addition to this we are also committed to constantly improving our contribution to the environment beyond the legally required level.