How upholstered furniture is made From the idea to the sofa

Precision and quality management

Your newly acquired black label upholstered furniture is unique, as almost all production steps are handmade. The processing of our first-class leather raw material requires a high degree of precision. Here it is extremely important to implement the experience gained over many years with a great deal of passion – just as the highly qualified skilled workers at W.SCHILLIG do.

Seating comfort

Sitting is not just sitting. For this reason, we have been working since our beginnings to achieve the best possible seating comfort in order to make sitting an experience for you. This is achieved by combining the excellent craftsmanship of our employees with the latest production and computer technology. As a creative and efficient team of men and women, our team makes up to 300 individual furniture dreams come true every day.

A normal sized leather sofa consists of up to seven leather skins, which must be carefully checked for disturbing natural characteristics. Once this is ensured each individual part of the sofa is placed on the leather skin and cut by hand using a template. In order to use the leather sparingly, special care is taken to avoid waste.

Afterwards, the cuttings are checked again before they are sent to the sewing room. There, the double seams and contrast threads are given special attention, as they have to be worked very precisely. Because any odd seam would be clearly visible.

One worker principle

When you decide to buy one of our upholstered furniture, you benefit from the W.SCHILLIG’S »one worker principle«. This means: In order to achieve an even finish, one single worker cuts and sews your complete black label set.

Where inner values matter

A long-lasting product like leather requires raw materials selected according to the strictest criteria, a perfect structure and a complex composition. We obtain all the necessary materials from selected brand manufacturers. These are processed with meticulous precision.

It is the sum of all parts which results in the proven quality  that has made W.SCHILLIG one of the leading upholstery manufacturers in Europe. Or in other words: If you sit on it with a relaxed smile, we are satisfied with the result of our work.

The best materials

Solid beech hardwood is the ideal material for particularly long-lasting furniture frames  and it is therefore used for the frame and the supporting connecting parts. The seat is supported by nosag springs, which is known for its extreme durability and dimensional stability and which improves your seating comfort in the long term. Strong elastic webbing is used for the back. Finally, the frame is encased with foam and fleece.

By hand we fill large cushions into the upholstery covers, which were previously made in our sewing room. In the end, we want our sofas to be comfortable and allow you to lean back and relax. The assembly of  high-quality meachnical functions is done on a modern assembly line.

Perfectly structured work processes guarantee a consistently high quality of our upholstered furniture, first-class service and on-time delivery.

Last inspection

The final assembly is carried out by the »heart of the production« – the upholstery deparmtent. This is comparable to the final assembly of a car. Here, all corners and edges have to fit precisely to the millimetre, the stitching has to be perfectly straight and the feet have to be flat on the floor.