Philosophy black label – exquisite upholstered furniture for living in perfection

»As people think and live, so they build and dwell.«
- Johann Gottfried von Herder -

Inspired by this quote, we created black label to build furniture for people who expect something special. People for whom living is an elementary part of their way of life, their philosophy. An expression of their values and their way of thinking.

Following this maxim, our high-quality collections offer everything you need to realise your ideas of a perfect home. With every single one of our exquisite pieces of furniture. The basis for living your dream of perfect living every day anew.

In addition to aspects such as sustainability and quality, in the materials as well as in the production, a unique seating comfort is always at the centre of our endeavours. Comfort contributes greatly to the black label experience, to its unmistakable character.

You trust in over 70 years of expertise and experience in the industry, in our innovative strength and highest quality standards as well as the creativity of internationally renowned designers. This is our self-image and claim as a family business with tradition.

black label is much more than a noble collection. Innovation and tradition. black label is an attitude to life and with exclusivity and classicism, flexibility and consistency, quality and loving details, it merges supposed opposites into tangible, unclouded passion.

The special thing about our sofas is the detail

black label by W.SCHILLIG – modern und klassisch zugleich
black label by W.SCHILLIG
black label by W.SCHILLIG
black label by W.SCHILLIG