W.SCHILLIG black label - The Company

W.Schillig Black Label - Company

Since its founding by Willi Schillig in 1949 the company has been in the family for generations. At the production site in Ebersdorf-Frohnlach in Upper Franconia more than 500 employees work each day to produce entirely individual upholstered furniture for you.

This is how exceptionally comfortable, technically perfect sofas, chaises longues and armchairs are made. Seating comfort based on the knowledge and innovations from more than 65 years of experience. High-quality materials, as well as extensive competence in leather and fabrics, are the basis for functional and durable furniture designed for people who value lifestyle and design.

Headquarters devoted in Germany
In our more than 4,000 m2 showroom at our main site in Upper Franconia we can show you a huge selection of our extensive complete range and the incredible variety of our leather and fabric collection.

Because we cannot show all of the furniture from our W.SCHILLIG collection, we will be happy to inform you before your visit whether or not your desired model is in our display. The giving of detailed advice and the sale take place exclusively through the furniture dealer.

Our sales advisors will be happy to arrange an appointment with you to clarify and answer all of your questions about our sofas, chairs and accessories in a tour of the showroom. That is why we ask you to make absolutely sure that you give notice of your visit in advance on the telephone number 0 95 62 / 3 70 so that we can guarantee that one of our employees has time for you. Thank you very much!

Are you active and like to try new things?

Do you love aesthetic things?

Are you starting a new life?

Do you want to preserve important things?


Sofas +


A model for design-enthusiasts

This tasteful sofa suite is comfortably soft with an eye-catching retro style. For design enthusiasts, color-coordinated contrast stitching is available. Everything is just right with this model.

Beautiful attention to detail.


When you sit here you feel cozy and protected thanks to the elegantly formed side parts and the trendy wingback look.

This model stands out with its particular attention to detail combined with the best ever seating comfort.

The lumbar cushions support the comfortable seating depth of the sofas and are integrated into the sofa back.

You [aiida] can add a personalized note with color-coordinated contrast stitching.

Great appearance: The very comfortable armchair with an extra tall back cushion invites to relax.


Relaxation is part of the art of living

Trendsetting design is here combined with cosy luxury, long-lasting beauty and quality craftsmanship to give top-class sitting comfort. If you appreciate standards and the finer things in life, then you can completely relax and unwind on this upholstery classic.

Maximum cosiness


Extendable lying area
For a beguiling atmosphere you need a very special sofa. [alessiio] impresses with seating comfort that also fulfils functional aspects. The sitting area can be extended by a generous 20 cm. [alessiio] is made into something very special by the beautiful, striking side part and the elegant, bold stitching on the front edge of the seat. Stitching can be of a different colour upon request

[foscaari] - NEw

With its clear forms, foscaari radiates lots of tranquillity and casualness

Bringing all its cosiness, it will take up residence within your four walls and give you enhanced quality of life. It is also very well thought out – you won’t have to forego a single modern convenience! It's worth a look – we promise!


A high level of skill and sophistication

Construction that uses the brain: the headrest is always in use where it is needed most. It simply slots in between the back of the carcass and the back cushion. If desired, a wooden shelf can be integrated as an intermediate element. It is available in several versions.

The legs are available in various metal colours. Stools are also available with castors for a surcharge.

In all leather colours this model can be supplied with contrasting-colour thread, at no upcharge.


Too glamorous to be just a trend

If you enjoy living a little more opulently, then you will love this sofa. This generous seating ensemble radiates an easygoing dominance, with a look that is simple and straight-lined yet never obtrusive. The cushions give a high-class, feel-good character and provide a creative touch.

A model for living


Simply beautiful
The cording on the striking cassette look seat mat and on the soft cushions invites the observer to touch it. As a special eye-catcher, the stitching of the cover can be chosen in a different colour.

Hidden effects
Home is where you feel safe and snug. Thanks to a hidden function, the add-on sofa of your giovanni can easily be twisted forwards, thus creating a huge, comfortable area to lie down upon. This can mean that your guests will stay a night longer. The suitably styled chrome rail provides your new sofa an additional glamorous detail.

Arrange it as you please
Various cushions decorate your sofa with an easy glamour and bring a luxurious flair to your living environment. A sophisticatedly stitched-on roll on the body ensures a high level of sitting comfort and good hold.

[giuseppe] - NEW

The bext mixture out of design and comfort!

If you take a seat and sink into the couch position with the ergoslideplus function by ergotouch sensor, you are completely persuaded. Without exaggeration you can speak of a dream sofa.


Flexible headrests provide for relaxed leaning if requested. In combination with the sensor button-pursued ergoslideplus function this is also possible by button pressure. Back and seat sink ergonomically and an extended legrest comes up.

The armpart is stitched with ornamental seams. If requested, you have can choose contrast seams from our wide leather colour range — completely without upcharge.


Master of variation

[intermezzo] enables many and diverse design options. Different side part variations, as well as the choice between two different seat comforts, allow for individuality. [intermezzo] will become a secret star in your living room, thanks to its classic, cubic design.


Comfort selection
Comfort basic or exclusive box-spring comfort with two independent springs in the seat. Which would you like? 

Different side parts
You can choose between two armrests – classic and timeless or intentionally elaborate and slender, with infinite adjustment. You decide which design suits you best.

urniture bases
All base shapes are available in two base/seat heights. The attractive metal runners on [intermezzo] are a very special visual highlight.

Flexible headrest
The adjustable headrest completes the model and can be inserted anywhere between the back of the body and the back cushion.


Eye-catcher with a feel-good guarantee

Or love at first sight! After all, who could resist this sofa's inviting charms? The instructions for comfort are to just sit back and feel good. With his impressive feel for shape and design, Jan Armgardt has with [toscaa] created a model with a pleasing individual and progressive character.

Sit back and feel good
[toscaa] plays with the opposites of "easy sitting" and a "straight-lined look" and ensures a contrast-rich living ambience with its striking exposed wood base. You can individually and freely arrange this chaise longue as part of your dream home, as a combined sofa/couch.


Extra beautiful
The striking and yet harmoniously integrated seat parts give the sofa an irresistible charm. You can add a very personal touch to [toscaa] with contrasting threads.

Special details
The combination of wood and leather creates a completely new feel for materials. The restrained colour concept is not only visually enhanced by the exposed wood base and the pleasant brown shades, but also placed in a colour context.


Our purist – and a smooth customer when it comes to design!

But [trovatoore] is not content with disdainful superficiality – it wants more for its owners. Comfort and function – and all of it in optimal proportions. There is not too much here, nor too little! We wish you a delightful time getting acquainted!


Fine finishing touches for maximum comfort

[trovatoore] is a true gentleman –  the flexible headrest adapts beautifully to your comfort equirements. The notch function that allows this is a standard feature. But there‘s more! Vapour pressure-operated back adjustment and flexible armparts are available for an upcharge. The armparts fold down with a notch function. In all leather colours this model can be supplied with a contrasting-colour thread, at no upcharge.

Armchairs +

[bajazzo] - NEU

This armchair is made for people who love art

This armchair is made for people who love art, appreciate shapes and seek the extraordinary. Here, the classic wing chair has been very beautifully revamped and transformed into a genuine designer piece. Yet it does not come across as cold, clean or pretentious. Its sophisticated back look lends it character – and with its wooden base, it stands firmly on the ground.


Armchairs with sophisticated details

[capriccio] – the inviting, cubic armchair goes well with many models and features a practical pocket on the side  part. It has a metal frame or a turntable that is available in matt, gloss or with the original cover. The design of [capriccio] harmonizes very well with the [toscaa] design.


Armchair with fine details

A small round armchair that is more than just an eye-catcher. You will fall in love with this excellently finished lounge furniture. The real show-stopper is a hidden turn-tilt plate that you only notice once you are seated on it. The high backrest is extremely comfortable and striking. An elegant chrome panel on the front side of the seat rounds off your favourite.


Simply beautiful - The elegant chrome panel at the bottom of the seat ensures a unique look.

The right moves - So that you can always keep your eye on everything, a hidden swivel function provides an all-round view.


Armchairs with a personal touch

[puritanii] – this cubic armchair with elegant, narrow armrests goes with many models. The finely shaped wooden turntable is also available with swing function or you might decide on an attractive metal runner. The armchair with colour-contrasting thread looks particularly elegant. [puritanii] is the perfect complement to the [traviaata] model.

Chaises +


Relax inComfort

[cellini] – the armrest of this attractive chaise longue is optionally attachable and increases your personal comfort in addition to the individual, ergonomic seat adjustment options. There is an Android or iOS app for greater freedom in controlling the functions.


Flexible parts
The headrest, back and footrest are fitted with a ratchet function as standard. A comfortable, flexible armrest can be inserted at the side.

Motorized adjustment
For an extra charge, the back and footrests can be adjusted with a double motor or double motor with rechargeable battery. Elegant touch sensors are used for adjustment.

Elegant base
The chaise longue stands on an elegant cantilever base that is available in chrome gloss, matt and with black powder coating.

Accessories +

[table - tavoolo uno]

more details - click on the picture
Fine wooden table

[tavoolo uno] – the appearance of this elegant table is perfectly suited to black label furniture. This solid, wooden model is available in oiled oak or walnut and provides a surface for little things such as TV remote, magazines or a cup of coffee. The wood has been finished with solid and form-fitting, hand-crafted connections. This makes the joints particularly stable.

[table - tavoolo due]

more details - click on the picture
Elegant table

[tavoolo due] – this table can be pushed part-way over the seating surface of the sofa, the side part or over the stool, to make the perfect shelf. The removable, integrated tray is the highlight. The table is
available in oiled oak or walnut. The metal frame is powder-coated in anthracite and also available in chrome gloss or matt.

[table- tavoolo tre]

more details - click on the picture
Practicable and elegant

[tavoolo tre] – this practical, solid wood occasional table is a clever place to keep the little things in life. So that you can work comfortably from your favourite spot on the sofa, the table can easily be pushed over the sitting surface in an S shape, where it can support a notebook or tablet. The table frame is made from oiled solid wood and can be ordered in solid oak or walnut. The joints have been hand-crafted for optimum stability.

[table- tavoolo quattro]

more details - click on the picture
With a personal touch

[tavoolo quattro] has an attractively shaped oval design and is an ideal and loyal sofa table. It is just the perfect height to still show off your sofa to its best. The leather version is available with very high-quality, decorative stitching in a contrasting colour. The high-end, silk-grey, undercoated glass is set in so that it is flush with the surface.


more details - click on the picture
Buffets and upholstered tables

These unusual pieces of furniture are versatile all-rounders. On one hand, they are ideal for living situations with limited space because of their dimensions, while on the other they act as an extension to your seating ensemble, because they can be used as seating or footrests or as places to put glasses, books and newspapers.

These ottomans and tables flat with the floor also act as a casually configured chaise arrangement on the floor. Laid upon your furniture, a flexible wooden mat serves as an elegant yet practical shelf space.


Underline your individual style by giving your living spaces a very personal touch. Tasteful accessories are not only eye-catching enhancements for your piece of furniture but also provide added comfort and lend your room that certain something.

Supplement your "black label" furniture with cuddly accessories. Casually slung over the sofa and armchair, our fluffy blankets Franco and Francesca will keep you snug during an exciting TV evening or while reading an absorbing book. Add further stylish elements in the form of ottomans and floor cushions, which act as cosy and playful eye-catchers.

Some furniture accessories are available with contrastingly coloured threads upon request.


more details - click on the picture

Pillows are very popular because of their decorative potential, especially in living rooms. You can use them to make your living space noticeably more pleasing, not only as decorative pillows on the sofa, but also as floor pillows. The fabrics selected for you and their colours convey an impression of high quality, create a homey atmosphere and represent the epitome of textile culture.

These pillows not only have a fresh decorative effect, but also create a refined atmosphere wherever you want things to be cuddly and comfortable.


Underline your individual style by giving your living spaces a very personal touch. Tasteful accessories are not only eye-catching enhancements for your piece of furniture but also provide added comfort and lend your room that certain something.

Supplement your "black label" furniture with cuddly accessories. Casually slung over the sofa and armchair, our fluffy blankets Franco and Francesca will keep you snug during an exciting TV evening or while reading an absorbing book. Add further stylish elements in the form of ottomans and floor pillows, which act as cosy and playful eye-catchers.

Some furniture accessories are available with contrastingly coloured threads upon request.

[miscellaneous ...]

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The finishing touch

Underline your individual style by giving your living spaces a very personal touch. Tasteful accessories are not only eye-catching enhancements for your piece of furniture but also provide added comfort and lend your room that certain something. Soft footstools, roll matts, decorative pillows and some more things act as cosy and playful eye-catchers. Some furniture accessories are available with contrastingly coloured threads upon request.