Enjoy confidence in comfort and quality without worries

With its lavishly dimensioned shapes, the generous upholstery and armrests, it embodies the archetype of cosiness. Highest quality standards included. Nevertheless, this solid and down-to-earth model, which you can rely on in every situation, brings an amazing lightness into the room. Perfectly harmoniously designed, almost dainty-looking feet create the impression that perfect seating comfort can float.

The prototype of perfect comfort with light details


Feature Info
Striking, colour contrasting thread In some leather colours this model can be supplied with a contrasting-coloured thread, at no surcharge.
Flexible plug-in headrest with joint The headrest with joint can be inserted into the opening between the back body and the back cushions individually.
Castors for ottomen The ottomen can be equipped with castors for surcharge. Two of the castors can be fixed. Thus a comfortable, big couch surface arises.
Metal forms and colours for legs The legs are available in various metal colours. You can choose from different design.

Model sheets


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