Wing chairs can be so beautiful

When black label interprets a wing chair, the result is a designer piece with cult character. A feast for the eyes, which draws a purist line from the two slender upholsteries in the head area, to which the genre owes its name, down to the noble wooden feet. Filigree and noble. And in between, nothing but carefree cosiness. It's just a pity that you have to choose here - either sit well protected in it or perhaps you'd rather marvel at the model from the outside?

Striking seams support puristic design


Feature Info
Noble wooden leg The noble runner-shaped wooden leg fulfils the appearance of this upholstered furniture. It is available in beech wood in all stain shades, in walnut tree and in natural oak.
A elegant and curved seam course The beautiful, striking side part and the elegant, striking seams is made bajazzo into something very special. You have the option of choosing a contrasting seam in all our leather colours, which is defined by our design team depending on the leather colour – at no extra charge.
Combineable covers The armchair can also be supplied in combined covers and combined cover colours.
Colours for legs The legs are available in various wood and metal colours.

Model sheets


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